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Each paper mill is unique, and in most of the times every paper machine is unique as well. We have perfected the application of enzymatically thinned wheat starch for the surface sizing, when modification is carried in a jet-cooker. In such a process wheat starch has absolutely no disadvantages against previously established starches, produced from maize, potato or tapioca. Same or ever better qualities of most of the paper and boards products are constantly achieved by all of our customers, who use jet cooking together with Amilina wheat starch.


However in most of the cases wheat starch also works well in more traditional batch cooking, same as in thermochemical process. We use state-of-the art tools, evaluating molecular mass of the thinned starch together with more traditional viscometry data. In every case our applications specialists are prepared to analyze and evaluate the results of starch conversion in the customers’ plant.

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