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Grain procurement prices (LTL/t)

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Panevezys, J. Janonio str. 12


Pasvalys, Gelezinkelieciu str. 9

Wheat, Extra

164 EUR

162 EUR

Wheat, I class

159 EUR

157 EUR

Wheat, II class

155 EUR

153 EUR

Wheat, III class

149 EUR

147 EUR

Wheat, III-A class (falling no. min. 160 s)*

145 EUR 

143 EUR

Wheat, IV class**

140 EUR

138 EUR 

*Wheat III-A class: falling no. min. 160s, all the other indicators according to LST 1524:2003/2K:2014 min. III class.  

**Wheat IV class: falling no. min. 110s, sprouted grains max. 3%, mass per hectolitre min. 72kg/hl; all the other indicators according to LST 1524:2003/2K:2014 min. III class.  

  All prices are indicated with delivery to SC “Amilina” elevators in Panevezys and Pasvalys.


In case of market condition changes, the company reserves right to change pricelists and procurement conditions.

For additional information, contact us:

Panevėžys, J.Janonio str. 12
Tel.: 8 (45) 463360
Faks.: 8 (45) 466235

Mob.: 8 (655) 71424        

Mob.: 8 (650) 67052

Pasvalys, Geležinkeliečių str. 9
Tel.: 8 (451) 34070
Faks.: 8 (451) 34070
Mob.: 8 (687) 97416

AB "AMILINA"service fees
Drying (for every 1% to the basic condition of dry tonne)
3,50 EUR
Cleaning (for each of up to 3% of the purified basic condition of tone) 2,00 EUR
Adoption for storage
3,00 EUR/t
2,00 EUR/t/mo
Loading of transport (the issue at the end of storage)
3,50 EUR/t
VAT invoices (for each physical tonne)
0,00 EUR

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