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Wheat Gluten Feed

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In our production process water is used for separation of starch and gluten. However the wheat grain also contains soluble albumens, microelements and other materials of high nutrition value. The grain also holds smaller size B starch which cannot be separated in its pure form. In our production process the excess water is evaporated and following boiling B starch turns into syrup. This syrup is an excellent and economic raw material for fermentation industry. Feed of high nutritional value is obtained when mixing the syrup with dry bran followed by drying and pelletisation. AB Amilina produces pelletised feed with albumen content of 16 percent. The product is the ideal and full-fledged feed for horned cattle both for milk and meat yielding animals. Most of the modern dairy farms are successfully using our feed and are happy with both highly stable milk yield and lower dairy production costs. Your farm should also test it!

The feed produced by the AB Amilina is supplied to farmers and other consumers directly or via distributor network. If you would like to get in contact with our distributor, please write to the AB Amilina sales department. To dairy farmers we always offer to test the feed made to our latest recipes and get convinced with excellent results. We cooperate with the Lithuanian Veterinary Academy and the biggest dairy farms. The quality of feed is regularly controlled by the AB Amilina quality control laboratory and the National Food and Veterinary Risk Assessment Institute. All our products are safe and of high quality – they can be used without hesitation!

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