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Starch is knowledge-based business. The secrets of Nature are notoriously difficult to unlock.


Even if carbohydrates make by far biggest part of biomass on Earth, the research dedicated to them fades in comparison with better known classes of biopolymers like proteins or nucleic acids. Part of the mission of Biorefining company is to close this knowledge gap.


The process of wet milling of wheat is one of the most complicated among the known biomass-fractioning processes. Bimodal distribution of the wheat starch granules and the structure of the wheat kernel both present the natural problem. On the other side, the applications for the starch use are countless, same time the challenges are countless as well for each and every time.


Amilina is the young company, but from the very first moment our aim was to build-up the required knowledge pool fast to enable our customers to tap in it. Lot of knowledge comes from our partnerships and strategic alliances with the companies, having much longer tradition and decades of experience. But we also need to contribute to those alliances.


Hence in-house R&D makes very important part of our business. We strive to perfection and total customers satisfaction. In order to achieve this, we provide finest tools for finest minds in our R&D Department, enabling to find the quick and precise answers to the daily questions from our customers and process engineers. Challenge us with the question, and you probably will find yourself surprised with our abilities and dedication.

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