Lietuvių Latviešu

Raw material


Wheat remains the biggest crop of the European Union. Lithuania is competitive producer and exporter of wheat both within EU and for the World markets.

Our starch plant is located in Panevezys, the heart city of Lithuanian agroindustrial business and Baltic Wheat Belt. Baltic Wheat Belt is the strip of highly-fertile soil with favorite climate for cereals. It starts in the South in the district of Kaliningrad (formerly Eastern Prussia, breadbasket of Germany), goes all the way North through the Great Lithuanian Plain and ends in Southern Latvia not far from Riga.

Lithuanian wheat is famous for it’s bread-making qualities. Every year, Lithuanian farmers produce the surplus between 500 th. and 1 mln. t of wheat, which gets exported mostly to North African and also other EU countries. It is also excellent raw material for good-quality gluten which Amilina produces.



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