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paveiksliukas_page1.jpg Town of Panevezys has always been the capital city for Lithuanian and Baltic milling industry. The roots of our company go deep into XIX century, when the first modern mill was established in the town in 1841 by some B. Rubinstein. At that time, it was the first industrial mill in the country. Surviving wars, nationalizations and privatizations, the milling company has developed into Malsena AB, the leader of Baltic milling & pasta industry. It was Malsena AB that undertook the ambitious process to bridge the gap between the milling company and starch-making company in 2005. The construction of the plant in Panevezys took the period of 2005 – 2007, during the same period the milling business was mostly moved to Vievis site. The flour and pasta businesses are very local, while starch and gluten are very international. At the end of 2008 the starch making was capable of going on its own, and so Amilina, dedicated Lithuanian starch manufacturing company was born as the result of demerger. Grain processing and milling tradition is deep in our roots, but the company is young, modern and has dynamic vision for the future.

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